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    NuWave’s CaDi CO2 Monitor is a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) based Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitor designed for detection of CO2 concentration levels in domestic dwellings, offices and other indoor environments for the purposes of effectively managing ventilation for occupants comfort and health.

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    NuWave’s cair smart air quality monitor for office environments is designed to detect the presence of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) and monitoring particle concentration (Large and Fine particles) as well as environmental parameters (temperature and humidity).

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    NuWave’s GY36 Ethernet Gateway collects and coordinates all the information from the NuWave Sensor units deployed in the vicinity of the device. The device temporarily buffers the local sensor data before interfacing through existing Ethernet networks for WAN connectivity to NuWave’s centralised cloud server. If the availability of an Ethernet network is limited or restricted, […]

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    The PD29 is an all-in-one sound, light and motion sensing monitor designed specifically for occupancy detection. It is a combination of three separate sensors that detects Sound Level in dBA, Light Level in Lux and PIR motion. The PD29 can be used in conjunction with other products from NuWave and from the AirSentric™️ range including […]

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