cair Pro – Air Quality Monitor with CO₂

NuWave’s cair smart air quality monitor for office environments is designed to detect the presence of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) and monitoring particle concentration (Large and Fine particles) as well as environmental parameters (temperature and humidity).

Knowing and understanding what pollutants are in your environment is key to managing the health and comfort of everyone in your living space. If you are aware of what factors inside your living space can cause health symptoms you can take action.


The cair Pro indoor air quality monitor contains sensors that continuously collect information about the air quality in your living space and via its smartphone app it will alert you when levels of airborne contaminants (like animal dander, mould, toxins and pollen) are elevated. cair Pro includes an NDIR CO₂ sensor to provide information on ventilation levels in the living space – low CO₂ levels indicate good ventilation which is important for diluting pollutants in the air – including viruses, bacteria and other organisms which can become an issue in our lives.


Each cair Pro sensor is connected to a cloud database via local Wi-Fi connectivity and data can be exported in CSV format to e-mail for detailed offline analysis.


cair Pro monitors the following air quality parameters:

• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

• Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)

• Particle Concentration (Large & Fine Particles)

• Environmental Parameters (Temperature & Humidity)


cair Features 


The air in your living space – at your fingertips

The cair Pro comes with a free app that lets you monitor your air quality from anywhere, anytime.


Using the compatible app you can view current air quality levels in your living space on your smartphone, track when you have an asthma or allergy issue and receive personalized app notifications when the air quality in your living space poses a potential problem. You can then take action using a set of recommendations provided via the app.




Performance (VOC Sensor)

Sensing Range VOC’s measured in CO₂ equivalents (parts per million) 450-2000 ppm
Accuracy Across full range +/- 15 ppm
Resolution RMS noise (ppb equivalent) ©250ppb 10ppm
Warm-up time To reach optimal detection performance 5 mins

Performance (Particle Sensor) 

Output For reference only – cannot count particles or measure quantitatively pcs/ft³
No. of Channels Small particle (1-2μm) and Large particle (3-10μm) 2
Particle Sizes

Range (approx)

0.3μm – lOμm

Across Full Range

Warm-up time

To reach optimal detection performance

5 mins

Performance (NDIR CO₂ Sensor)

Target Gas Carbon dioxide (CO₂)
Measurement Range 0 to 5000 ppm / 0.04 to 2% Volume CO₂
Accuracy  +/-40ppm +/-3% of reading*
Maintenance Maintenance free
Warm-up time 1 minute

* Please note: Accuracy is valid after a minimum of 3 weeks continuous use



Temperature range Operating Temperature °C 0 to 50°C

Temperature range

Storage Temperature °C -25 to 50°C
Humidity range % RH continuous 5 to 95%

Inputs and Outputs

Input 100-240V International Adapter USB 5V, 1A (supplied)
Power Consumption 130mA @ 5V
Wireless Outputs WiFi 802.11/g/n@ 2.4Ghz Data updates once per minute